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Aluminum Ladder Racks Installation Guide

Installation Guide - Roof mounted Aluminum Ladder Racks

Tools / Material Required:  1. Drill;    2.Impact Driver;  3.1/2 Nut Driver Socket.  4. Drill Bit (according the size of plus nut provided)  5. Plus nut Installation Tool (provided in the Package)



 Impact Driver

Impact Driver


Nut Driver (1/2)

 Drill Bit 1/2

Drill Bit (1/2 inch







Roof Mounted Van,Minivan,Transit Connect, Ladder Rack Installation


IMPORTANT: It may require two people to install this Ladder Rack correctly. 

Uninstall Original factory roof rails/luggage carrier. Clean the roof with dry cloth from any stains and debris.  


 2014-2015 Ford Transit Connect Ladder Rack Installation (New Body Style)



- Position assembly on your vehicle's roof and center the mounting assembly on the vehicle's top. The roof of your vehicle may taper off in one direction, so ensure that the mounting assembly will provide an even distribution of the weight being applied when a ladder is added to the roof. 

Mark through the slots of Roof Mounting Brackets - 8 drilling points, 2 on each Mounting Brackets


- Drill with 1/2 inch drill bit all marks at rear and at front of the vehicles' roof. Do Not apply too much pressure while drilling as this may cause in damaging roof liner / interior liner. Wear protective glasses when drilling.


- Clean area around holes, put silicone around all holes and place rubber pads. Make sure all holes in rubber pads match holes on vehicle's roof.


- Put Silicone around all holes/plus nuts and install Rubber Pad (provided) over holes. Make this procedure for all installation points. 

- Lift Ladder Rack and position it on your vehicle's roof to match mounting bracket's slots over installation points. 

Do Not use the ladder rack if any parts missing or damaged, as this may cause failure or/and personal injury. 

WARNING! The user must secure the clamps and any ladders properly, checking the security frequently when in use. 

WARNING! Remove any loose objects from the ladders. 

WARNING!Avoid any protrusions beyond the side of the vehicle as these may present a risk of injury to passers-by. 


DO NOT Use the ladder rack clamps for any purpose other than that for which they are designed. 

DO NOTSecure any other items using the clamps. These are designed for ladders only. 


WARNING!Drive carefully - reduce speed accordingly when transporting ladders. 


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